Monday, November 21, 2022

Lula to seek to achieve again previous successes in telecommunications sector

Faced with a thorny path in economic and social matters, telecommunications present themselves as a great opportunity for the new government to achieve substantial progress in the coming years. There appear the first names that will accompany the elected president in the management of this area.

On January 1, 2023, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will take over the presidency of Brazil for the third time and will embark on a rather difficult path in the face of a large number of problems that he will have to overcome. As of that date, 12 years will have passed since he left the presidency of his second term and the path followed by his successors, Dilma Rousseff, Michel Temer and Jair Bolsonaro, was not very rosy enough to think that the next one will be free of major problems. in addition to an adverse international context and an internal situation of almost parity with his opponent in the last elections.

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Argentina · Politics15/11/2022

ICT ecosystem on alert due to import complications

The lack of clarity prevents ISPs, integrators and suppliers from planning how, when and at what price they will have the equipment they need for new deployments or maintenance of existing equipment. It is clear that the lack of a clear policy for the sector shows the absence of official knowledge of its needs.

Globales · Internet & OTT · Operators01/11/2022

European regulators disagree on "fair contribution" demanded by operators to OTTs

The BEREC report dismantled the telcos' arguments. It states that it has not been proven that higher traffic generates higher costs. And it pointed out that the increase in traffic is caused by the ISP's end-customer, who is charged for it.

Costa Rica · Regulation26/10/2022

5G deployment, basis of National Telecommunications Development Plan

The PNDT aims to growth in investments in the sector, for which it estimates that the pillar will be the development of 5G. The objective is that in this way it is possible to close the digital gap and generate stronger networks.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband24/10/2022

New system for SIRA imports creates expectations due to implications for entry ofsupplies linked to fiber deployment

One week after the entry into force of SIRA system, replacing its predecessor SIMI, expectations grow in the Internet sector due to possible changes in the current measures.

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A DIARIO LATINO 04-12-2022

Brasil · Voice Services · Regulation · Operators 02/12/2022

Anatel to investigate Oi's sale of fixed telephony towers to Highline

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones 02/12/2022

Refefo to reach 41,000 km of illuminated fiber by 2023

América Latina · E-Government 02/12/2022

Public sector cloud spending will hit $4.9 billion by 2024

América Latina · Operators 02/12/2022

Digicel is in talks to postpone US$ 925 million debt repayment

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